Purple Butterfly Trading

A SNS Platform designed to achieve information sharing
between individual investors of cryptocurrencies.

2019 1Q
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Our vision is to breakthrough from the supremacy institutional investors have held in the financial industry these years, and to create a platform with high profitability for individual investors.

Features of Purple Butterfly Trading

Excellent Relationship between Investors

Valuable Information on Trading

Superb Trading Functions

We help our users increase assets.
This is the only SNS platform where valuable cryptocurrency trading information is shared between individual investors, and each and everyone` s ambitions fulfilled.
We provide several exclusive services that investors have only ever dreamt of.

Press Releases

We are very grateful for the attention,
focus and high expectations from the media thus far.

Please feel free to contact us for coverage and interviews.


We have been developing our services and the community for individual investors since PBTT was initially issued.
Based on our action plan, we are going to build the platform that helps individual investors trade advantageously.


Project Member

Kazutoshi Shidehara

Kazutoshi Shidehara

co-founder & CEO

After he graduated from University in UK with a Bachelor of Mathematics, he worked at in Finite Element calculation systems and RTOS.
While working in business administration, statistical analysis and risk management in GE and Coca-Cola, he received an MBA from USA. After independence, he engaged in development of future options and foreign exchange trading system, using financial engineering. He also joined a team for launching direct banking business in Japan. After working as a manager of risk management COO and CIO in major hedge funds in Singapore, he became CEO of ARCHINODE PTE LTD in 2018.
Kazutoshi Shidehara

Yoshiki Maekawa


After graduation from medical school, he received a Ph . D in Medicine from Nihon University while working as a cardiovascular surgeon.
He opened a clinic in Ginza, Tokyo, and he became the director of the biggest cosmetic surgery clinic in Japan.
He retired as a doctor and the director of clinic and became professional investor after increasing profits by investment he had managed for many years and establishing his own trading method.
He became CFO of ARCHINODE PTE LTD in 2018.
Kazutoshi Shidehara

Yukio Nakashima


After graduation from University, he engaged in marketing in Citibank.
He was independent in 2017 and had large success in online contents sales and seminar business.
He established ARCHINODE PTE LTD with Mr. Maekawa in 2017.
We, Purple Butterfly Trading team members are working together to develop this platform and the community for individual investors.


Please do not hesitate to contact us to ask questions or clear your uncertainties about Purple Butterfly Trading or PBTT.
Our team members will guide you along the way.