Frequently Asked Questions

In order to be a winner in trading, the most credible information is the actual achievement of the traders who actually have been winning. The transaction history of the traders who have actually made a profit directly results in profit. Not only beginners but also experienced traders must be attracted to such information.

Users can get benefit as following when they review other users’ transaction information:

・Make friends with other traders and find out traders you respect
・Execute same transaction simultaneously with the traders you respect by receiving push notifications corresponding to the traders’ actions
・Improve trading literacy by communicating with other members and traders you respect
・Learn know-how of the traders you respect

Personal assets, buy-and-sell history, holding tokens, etc. will be released.

By releasing personal transaction information, you are able to access to other users’ transaction information. This is the benefit that trading tools of exchanges cannot provide. Moreover, by sharing personal transaction information, users come to trust each other. We think good relationships between users are essential for building a strong community.

The “Purple Class” is users’ class appointed by purchase of PBTT and consumption of P-coin. The levels of the classes are “P-Black”, “P-Platinum”, “P-Gold”, “P-Bronze”, etc. The users who belong to the higher class levels can access to more exclusive information.

P-coin is the original coin in the service. By holding P-coins, the users can get more beneficial items and information for trading.

・Trading volume
・The amount of holding PBTT tokens
・Logging in to the service
・Entering themselves in a competition and improving the result, or joining it as an audience to anticipate the result
Through various activities including below, users can get P-coins.

Trading insurance is the insurance to the profit-and-loss generated by trading activities. In case they lose money on 30-days trading since they purchase the insurance, users will be paid back PBTT tokens, which has been covered, to their wallet on the exchange. This process is activated based on the transaction history at exchanges where PBTT is listed on.

Purple Butterfly Trading often holds “trading battle” and “trading competition” in order to discover traders with high performance at all times. We are going to plan and hold various contests including “one-minute chart trading competition”, “daily chart trading competition”, “team battle”, etc. The winners can get P-coin as the reward and get more attention, which leads them to acquire more reputation and influence.