Frequently Asked Questions

In order to be a winner in trading, the most credible information is the actual achievement of the traders who actually have been winning. The transaction history of the traders who have actually made a profit directly results in profit. Not only beginners but also experienced traders must be attracted to such information.

Users can get benefit as following when they review other users’ transaction information:

・Make friends with other traders and find out traders you respect
・Execute same transaction simultaneously with the traders you respect by receiving push notifications corresponding to the traders’ actions
・Improve trading literacy by communicating with other members and traders you respect
・Learn know-how of the traders you respect

Personal assets, buy-and-sell history, holding tokens, etc. will be released.

By releasing personal transaction information, you are able to access to other users’ transaction information. This is the benefit that trading tools of exchanges cannot provide. Moreover, by sharing personal transaction information, users come to trust each other. We think good relationships between users are essential for building a strong community.

The “Purple Class” is users’ class appointed by purchase of PBTT and consumption of P-coin. The levels of the classes are “P-Black”, “P-Platinum”, “P-Gold”, “P-Bronze”, etc. The users who belong to the higher class levels can access to more exclusive information.

P-coin is the original coin in the service. By holding P-coins, the users can get more beneficial items and information for trading.

・Trading volume
・The amount of holding PBTT tokens
・Logging in to the service
・Entering themselves in a competition and improving the result, or joining it as an audience to anticipate the result
Through various activities including below, users can get P-coins.

Trading insurance is the insurance to the profit-and-loss generated by trading activities. In case they lose money on 30-days trading since they purchase the insurance, users will be paid back PBTT tokens, which has been covered, to their wallet on the exchange. This process is activated based on the transaction history at exchanges where PBTT is listed on.

Purple Butterfly Trading often holds “trading battle” and “trading competition” in order to discover traders with high performance at all times. We are going to plan and hold various contests including “one-minute chart trading competition”, “daily chart trading competition”, “team battle”, etc. The winners can get P-coin as the reward and get more attention, which leads them to acquire more reputation and influence.

PurpleButterlyTrading's aim is to create a trading ecosystem in which individual traders can win in the market.

Trading tools provided by other services mostly target affluent clients who have high trading literacy. Our platform focuses on providing an interface similar to social networking games and provides additional value in non-trading features, such as the ability to login or post onto the system.

You can contact the PurpleButterfly Trading team via the channels below:


We plan to start providing the copy trading service on our platfrom from spring 2019. We will keep you updated by announcing details as we have them through our various official social networking channels.

PurpleButterflyTrading provides basic functions, such as "copy trading," made possible by connecting to exchanges necessary for social trading through an application programming interface (API), and "social-networking (SNS) functions" that enable the user to conduct interactive communications. It also provides additional value through non-trading services with game-like features, such as "trading competitions" and “gacha” game features.

PBTT is the cryptocurrecy issued by PurpleButterflyTrading. PBTT can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges (currently HitBTC) for other cryptocurrencies. Holders of PBTT will also be provided with various services within the trading application, based on the amount of PBTT they possess.

PBTT is a cryptocurrency and can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies on cryptocurrency exchanges. P-coins are tokens that can only be used within the PBT application and cannot be traded for other cryptocurrencies or other services and products not provided by PBT.

Please check the latest price on the HitBTC exchang;

Holders of PBTT will be provided with various services within the app, with the content of services varying based on the amount of tokens they hold and the length of time they have held those tokens.

PBTT can be purchased on HitBTC. For more details on how to purchase coins, please refer directly to the exchange, or access the following page.

Currently, PBTTs are listed on HitBTC and can be bought there. With regard to future listings on other exchanges, we will keep you updated through our official Medium page and our varous SNS channels.

We adhere to the cryptocurrency-related regulations of relevant countries and the ICO/IEO regulations followed by the exchanges.

PBTT uses the ERC-20 (Ethereum Request for Comment 20) standard. For Know Your Customer (KYC) verification, please follow the KYC procresses of each individual exchange.

We have strict guidelines for storing personal information based on the relevant regulations of relevant countries.

By holding PBTT-issued tokens, you can receive various services from PBTT and take part in various campaigns.

PurpleButterflyTrading plans to discover "traders with high trading skills (trade providers)" by publishing trade rankings and holding trading competitions. It also plans to attract a large audience of "individual traders (trade audience)" to watch these competitions, in order to increase the motivation of the skilled traders who compete - creating a trading eco-sphere.

We plan to increase eligible participants as we increase the number of exchange that we list on.

We release information related to our services through our various SNS channels. For the latest updates, please refer to our Twitter, Facebook or Medium accounts.

Twitter : Facebook : Medium :

PurpleButterflyTrading is managed by Archinode Pte. Ltd, which is based in Singapore.

Our company was registered on September 8, 2017.

As information regarding PBT transactions is provided by the cryptocurrency exchange API, please contact the exchange for details regarding transactions conducted through the exchange.

You can download your trading history through the exchanges' platforms. By pressing on the "Link to Exchange" button on each currency page, you can open the link to the exchanges' websites.

You can register by accessing the Register link at the bottom-right of the login page.

You can enter up to 60 English characters and roman numerals. You can also choose the language based on your region.

You will need to confirm your account via email after registering, so please provide an active email address.

Passwords need to be more than 8 characters long and have a combination of capital and lower-case letters and numbers.

It may take some time for the email to arrive. If you do not receive the email, please try the resend option. When doing so, please confirm that your email address is active and you have not made any errors when entering your information. If, after taking this step, you still do not receive an email, please contact us.

Entering your ID and password into the login page will take you to a site where you can have the verification email resent. Please hit the resend button.

Yes, you can create multiple accounts using different email addresses, but the API will only recognize one account per person.

Yes. You can change them from Settings options on the Menu page.

Please check whether you have entered your email and password correctly.

Please select the "Forgot password" option on the Login screen. A confirmation email will be sent to you, allowing to reset your password.

Please contact us via email at

Yes, you will be able to use 2FA settings in the near future.

Yes, you will be able to deactivate 2FA in the near future.

By using API, you can:
1. View your asset holdings
2. Access your trading history
3. Follow other users. By following other users, you can see their detailed trading activity.

You can register for API access through the following steps:
1. Click on the MENU icon
2. Click on Settings
3. From Settings, click on API Key of Exchanges and change settings accordingly

Currently, the API connects only to HitBTC, but we plan to increase the number of exchanges going forward.

The HitBTC API will only accept the APIKEY. When entering your API key, you will also need to enter your Secret Key. Please enter the information following the instructions outlined in the "Process to get API key in HitBTC" available at API Key of Exchanges.

You will soon be able to change your email address through the following steps:
1. Click on the MENU icon
2. Click on Settings
3. From Settings, access Change E-mail Address

Please check to see if you have entered the same password into both the confirm and new sections. You will also need to enter your current password.

My Portfolio allows you to view your assets. You will need to enter your API key to view this information.

My Rates allows you to follow the prices of your favorite cryptocurrencies, by registering the currencies on the page.

Press the + button on the bottom of the My Rates page. This will take you to a currency search page. Search for the currency of your choice and go to the currency page. Push the "add to My Rates" button at the bottom of the page and registration on My Page will be complete.

My Open Orders allows you to view the orders currently in execution. You will need to enter your API key to view this information.

My Trade History allows you to view orders that have been executed. You will need to enter your API key to view this information.

You can open the page to the exchange by pressing on the "Link to Exchange" button on the currency page.

The Timeline allows you to view the trading history of other PBT users. ALLUser will show you the trading history of all registered users, while Follow User will show you the trading history of the users that you are currently following.

By following users, you will be able to see their trading history. In order to follow other users, you will need to register your API Key.

The Menu allows you adjust various settings, such as change your profile, register an API key, change your email address or username or set up 2FA.

You can change your username, icon and self introduction from the User Page in the Menu.

Please contact us via email at