2019 1Q

Beta release through

For the pre-registered users, we will release the β version of Purple Butterfly Trading platform.

API connect partner alliance

We will start getting the transaction data by connecting to exchanges where PBTT is listed on through API.

Trade contest

On Purple Butterfly Trading platform, we will hold Trading contest#1. After the contest, we will host regularly.

2019 2Q

RC release

At the same time as the full-fledged version is released, we will start promotions globally.

Social game and trading

Trading insurance

2019 3Q

Generate the strategy
by AI deep learning

We will analyze the transaction data on Purple Butterfly Trading platform and create a new strategy to win the investment by using AI deep-learning.

2020 1Q

Set up Purple Butterfly Fund

Based on the strategy collected, analyzed, and developed from Purple Butterfly Trading platform, we will establish Purple Butterfly Fund.