Social Trading Platform Service

What is the platform service
for the individual investors like?

To put it simply, the answer is “the service on which you can make a profit”.

However, is it enough just
to make a profit?

We recognize that our platform for individual investors needs to feature “continuation and solidity of the service” and “creation of the environment where investors can improve their investment literacy”. Therefore, our service provides a platform in the field of cryptocurrency where investors can realize the active trading by sharing information and fulfilling their needs as an investor.


Our vision is to realize the trading platform for the individual investors by the individual investors through providing the profitable platform to private investors and to make a difference to the institutional investors supremacy that has been maintained over the past years in the financial industry.

Our “Social Trading” is;

Social Trading features the following three functions with which the investors could make a stable profit and improve their investment literacy.

Publish the trading information of investors

Share the information among the investors

Execute the investment based on the beneficial information

Purple Butterfly Trading Token

Through this service, the value of PBTT( Purple Butterfly Trading Token) can be maximized. Our service with various functions for investors creates excellent investors and encourages them to release their transaction data.


According to the amount of PBTT, the period of time for holding PBTT, and activities in the Purple Butterfly Trading Platform, investors can get “P-coins”, and their “Purple Class” will be determined.


Depending on “Purple Class” of each user, they can check the transaction data of respected investors (TP: Trading Provider), and users can receive notifications for every transaction of TP by paying “P-coins”. At that time, the part of “P-coins” paid by investors are restored to TP. By consuming P-coins, users can also receive the services like trading insurance service.


Some part of the tokens are to be burnt and the total supply of the token will gradually decrease, which leads the token value to increase.

Main Functions

Trading Platform Service for the individual investors

Connection with crypto exchanges all over the world

This platform can be connected to crypto exchanges of all the countries in the world through API, and realize the service beyond the borders. Connecting to exchanges where PBTT is listed on through API allows all users to inquire their transaction history, order history, and account information of all the exchanges.

Release and share the state of assets and transaction data

By checking out other investors’ position, holding tokens, etc., users can find out truly “fantastic” investors. Investors joining Purple Butterfly Trading can earn the trust by sharing their results including their own assets, trading history, and currencies which they hold by connecting with exchanges through API.

Investors dialogize with each other to share the information

Purple Butterfly Trading is designed to focus on “finding users.” By giving consideration to casual and easy communication, such as messaging and group setting functions, this platform connects investors, enhances the level of the service, and creates the unparalleled value.

Make use of the beneficial information gained through sharing to execute trading at once

Users can always check the activity of the investor they found out, and they can trade simultaneously with the investor’s trade. By following other interesting users and respectable traders, and by setting the push notification, users can receive the push notifications based on the trader’s trading activities. This platform realizes the smooth transition from push notification to processing of the order.

The combination of social game and trading

Purple Butterfly Trading provides not only functions of investment and trading, but also “the joy of staying in the service.” In the service, original coins (P-coins) are distributed. By getting P-coins, users can also get more profitable items and information for trading.
・Trading volume
・The amount of holding PBTT tokens
・Logging in to the service
・Joining to the anticipation of trading contests
Through various activities including them, users can get P-coins.
We provide the mechanism even beginners and users with little trading experiences can enjoy.

Trading insurance for the profitable investment

The platform can get the trading history stored in exchanges where PBTT is listed on by connecting with them through API. By using the trading insurance, users will be restored the PBTT in the their wallet on the exchange in case they lose money on 30-days trading since they take out insurance.

What is PBTT?

PBTT (Purple Butterfly Trading Token) is a token that can be used within Purple Butterfly Trading service.
On our platform PBTT token holders can get useful information about crypto currency trading.
What is more, useful tools on PBTT platform will maximize your trading performnce.

Ready to get PBTT tokens?

PBTT is listed on the following exchanges.

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